Lawn Fertilization Schedule  12/13/18 1:02:11 PM

April : Growing season starts, apply 1st dose of fertilizer and treat for crabgrass and pre-emergent weeds.
            19-0-3 w/ Dimension (Crabgrass Control)                                          
            3-3-3 Ornamine (pre-emergence in ornamentals)                               
May: apply pre-emergent weed control and apply 2nd dose of fertilizer 6-8 weeks following 1st dose.
            20-0-3 w/ Surge (herbicide)                                                                

June-July: treat lawn for grubs and maintain fertilization schedule.
            18-0-3 w/Mallett (Grub Control)                                                        
Late August- September: weed and feed lawn
            20-0-3 w/Surge                                                                                   
October-November: apply last feeding/ winterize your lawn.
                                                            Other Options:
Seed Starter                                       10-20-8                                                
General Lawn Fertilizer                   12-12-12                                              
*Each bag will cover 12,500 sq. ft. @ 4lbs./1000 sq ft   or 175lbs/acre

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