Professional Farm Management  12/05/16 9:30:09 AM

"Taking the worry and stress out of everyday management."

Farm managment services range from occasional consultations to complete operational farm management.

Accredited Agriculture Consultant (AAC) and Accredited Farm Manager Kim DeWees founded Vision Ag Farm Managemt Services, LLC in 2004 after seeing a need for farm management services focusing on agronomy as well as financial components. Since then, Kim and her business have been fulfilling needs of landowners and producers. Vision Ag Farm Management Services, LLC is also a member of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. 

Complete farm management would include the following:

  • Familiarization of farm, owner, operator and specific needs
  • Identifying the expectations and goals of the farm
  • Explore lease alternatives and income potential of each alternative
  • Choosing the best qualified operator and negotiating lease agreements
  • Implementing crop rotations and tillage practices within the operation
  • Develop crop input plans - determing chemcials, fertilizers, and seed to be used
  • Complete field scouting - scouting problem areas during the growing season and implementing a plan of action
  • Implementing and maintaining soil testing program
  • Market all commodities
  • Maintain compliance with all government programs
  • Complete accounting and recordkeeping of all farm operations. Our information system maintains an accurate record of all financial transactions. Periodic reports are sent detailing all information. Cash flow needs are invested in competitvely secured banks
  • Manage and maintain homes, buildings, and other improvements
  • Improve and maintain property for future development
  • Insure soil stewardship and environmental safety is always being conducted
  • Timber management
  • Insurance management determining proper coverage and benefits
  • Maintaining communications with all parties and implementing necessary changes

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